American Morning | Carolina

American Morning | Carolina


The perfect mix of Gospel & Country, Carolina has been delivering their unique presentation of the Gospel to audiences across the country for over a decade. Lead singer, Scott Whitener, who’s resume includes time with the Singing Americans, Jericho, and Melody Masters Quartet, is joined by accomplished tenor, Chris Roberts, and newcomers Riley Dotson, while Chris Parker lends his rich bass vocals to round out the group.

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  1. Come By Here

  2. Old Dirt Road I Grew Up On

  3. I Don’t Have To Stay

  4. Everyday American

  5. Can’t Hurry The Harvest

  6. Down By The River

  7. American Morning

  8. If You Had Only Seen Me Then

  9. Stories On The Wall

  10. Working Prayer

  11. The Saints Sing Their Way Home

  12. Way Down Deep