Faroe Islands | Russ Taff

Faroe Islands | Russ Taff


One of the most respected vocalists in Christian music, Russ Taff has enjoyed critical acclaim, garnered numerous awards and appealed to a wide variety of musical tastes ranging from Christian rock and inspirational to southern Gospel, country and blues. The soulful croonings of this vocal master have defied boundaries for years, and his lyrical interpretations and passionate deliveries have set new precedents that remains benchmarks in the Gospel music industry. Faroe Islands finds Russ "away from it all," approximately halfway between Great Britain and Ireland, reflecting on his life, his relationship with Jesus and God's grace and love to all. Russ teamed up with longtime friends to create a release that is organic, "raw" vocally and as always, heartfelt. He speaks of lessons gleaned from years of walking with the Savior, rejoices in the beauty of life and anticipates a future filled with hope because of God's love.

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  1. Here Comes Jesus

  2. Harvest

  3. Heaven

  4. Missionary Man

  5. God’s Love

  6. Lifting Me Higher

  7. Ecclesiastes

  8. You’re Still So Good

  9. Man Of Sorrow

  10. Mend This Broken Heart

  11. Help Me

  12. Rock Bound

  13. Go Play In The Sun

  14. I Believe In You

  15. Love Is A Cross

  16. Day By Day