Right Here Right Now | Russ Taff

Right Here Right Now | Russ Taff


In addition to owning a powerful, affecting voice, Russ Taff is among CCM's most versatile performers. Right Here Right Now is among his more introspective efforts, exploring issues of strength, frailty, and the trials and joys of maintaining strong religious faith in the face of human imperfection. Taff is more confessional than many of his CCM peers, coming off as all the more effective in his message through his refusal to sugarcoat. Overall, a fine return to the recording arena.

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  1. Somebody’s Comin’

  2. Back Into Grace

  3. Make Me Whole

  4. Right Here, Right Now

  5. Things Will Be Different

  6. Cry For Mercy

  7. Long Hard Road

  8. Lazarus

  9. As Long As You’re With Me

  10. Shadow Of The Cross - 1st Movement (Excerpts From The Nicene Creed)

  11. Shadow Of The Cross - 2nd Movement (Orchestration)

  12. Shadow Of The Cross - 3rd Movement